Policy and Legislative 

  • Dr. Mike Asip, Chair

  • Craig Pinello, Chesapeake City

  • Katrina Lee, Charlottesville City

  • Ann Bueche, King George County

  • Joy Richardson, Norfolk City

  • Ellen Biller, Page County

  • Dr. Patricia Abrams, Retired

  • Zetta Ethington, Retired


Policy and Legislative Committee Assists Chair in Developing Recommendations for: 

  • monitoring legislative action at the State and Federal Level;

  • developing response and/or platform to proposed legislative action;

  • crafting sample letters to legislators to support or oppose legislation impacting students with disabilities and special education;

  • contact and/or meet with legislators, boards, commissions, or councils to advocate for bills and/or policies that support the education of students with disabilities

Professional Development 

  • Elisabeth Harman, President-Elect, Roanoke County, Chair

  • Craig Pinello, Chesapeake City

  • Jill Sower-Becker, DOC

  • Randy Jennings, Salem City 

  • Dr. Sandra Hedrick, Essex County

  • Dr. Michelle Roper, Prince William County

  • Dr. Patricia Radcliffe, VDOE

  • Sarah Polcha, Pulaski County 


Professional Development Committee Assists Chair in Developing Recommendations for:

  • planning for conference topics/speakers/sessions;

  • developing process for conference session  proposals;

  • reviewing and selecting conference speakers/sessions; and

  • developing program evaluation.

Membership and Awards

  • Susan Aylor, Orange County 

  • Marie Giles, Hampton City

  • Hayley Poland, Roanoke City

  • Angie Neely, Co-Past President and Co-Chair

  • Jane Strong, Co-Past President VCASE and Co-Chair


Membership and Awards Committee Assists Chair in Developing Recommendations for: 

  • materials, strategies & activities to promote VCASE membership and conference attendance as well as unified membership;

  • contacting lapsed VCASE members to encourage membership renewal and/or upcoming conference attendance;

  • personally contacting new special education administrators to encourage VCASE and unified membership and to explain the benefits of membership and conference attendance; and

  • nominating VCASE members for awards, reviewing nominations, and selection of award recipients.

Communication Committee: 

  • Kristina Williams-Pugh, Hanover County, Chair

  • Sheila Bailey, Executive Director VCASE 

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